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Heterodoxos: An Ultimate X-Men RPG
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Welcome Wagon: Introduction

Hello! You've made your way to Heterodoxos, a roleplaying game based on Marvel's Ultimate X-Men. Our story picks up directly after Ultimate X-Men #57 with a specifically game-created introduction plot of sorts -- rescuing familiar favorites. Most posting is locked to friends-only status to preserve plot ideas, but we're not an exclusive game; anyone interested only needs to ask for details or leave an application.

Fine Print: Policies

1. For in character purposes, journals aren't internet-based blogs but a computerized communication network, the latest of correspondence for mutants. How these devices appear to non-users (usually humans) will vary depending upon the needs of the character, and they're coded to mutant DNA in hopes of some privacy. "Messages" can be sent to everyone on the network, selected individuals, or kept solely private for the character. "Private to..."/"Private" tags help to make that distinction.

2. Know your canon and your character, in this case Ultimate canon. If you're sketchy on details or need reminders, there are a variety of fansites to use for research. Artistic license with characters is wonderful, but it's expected to remain feasible, too. Het, slash, and femmeslash are allowed of course.

3. A range of issues, from violence to sexuality, will probably come up during the course of the game, just as they do in the comics. For that reason, the moderators ask that participants be mature enough to handle these concepts.

4. Remember to be respectful to other members of this game. In the event of OOC conflict, it should be brought to a mod's attention. That said, please don't bring out of character baggage in character.

5. Mostly applicable to journal entries but also roughly used for logs, once every two weeks/fourteen days is the update rule for HD. If you can't make that deadline, you should inform a moderator as soon as possible. If you're going to be away for awhile, again tell a moderator or post about it to the OOC community. All posts should be friend/member locked unless otherwise stated.

6. No original characters. That is to say, we don't accept player-created characters. Instead, it's possible for you to bring in characters that have yet to appear in Ultimate so long as, again, it's done within reason.

7. As a reminder: heterodoxos is for posting RP logs or RP threads, heterodoxosooc is the out of character community, and hdmod is used to run this whole shebang. If you need the mods, leave a comment on their journal.

Setting the Stage: Characters
Including but not limited to...

[ Taken ]
Angel -- bynameandnature
Aurora -- lumiereceleste
Cannonball -- arealcannonball
Cyclops -- corsairsummers
Nick Fury -- agentofshield
Havok -- chaosandhavok
Iceman -- somelikeitcold
Marvel Girl -- marvelatthegirl
Northstar -- cameheretothink
Polaris -- magnetictouch
Quicksilver -- motionblurred
Scarlet Witch -- mustjustbemagic
Shadowcat -- shephases
Wolverine -- thescapegrace

[ Open ]
Beast (canonically deceased but debatable)
Frost, Emma
MacTaggert, Moira
Multiple Man

[ Non-Playable ]
Professor X

Velvet Rope: Joining Us

The game is no longer accepting new applications. Sorry!

More: Useful Tidbits

Journals, contacts, PBs. Info sheet. Starting plots.

Essential: Disclaimers

All characters appearing here belong to Marvel Comics et al. We mean no harm, and this is all in fun.